dimanche, août 30, 2009

Ch ch ch changes

Sorry I've been absent for a while. We've had a few melodramas around our home.
One involves estate taxes -- but I can leave a lot of that to the lawyers (who ever thought I'd say THAT?) And the other involves the DQ's transition to a new school -- where apparently there are "scenes" (she's a scene, into heavy metal and colorful expensive sneakers) and "emos" (no purpose in life? dress mostly in black), lots of folks talk "gangster" and everybody has been in a relationship, whether hetero, gay or bisexual. She's been having tummy problems. On the positive side, she likes her new school and her new friends.

Peer pressure -- whether she's feeling it or putting the chains around her neck herself, is a scary thing. Somehow I don't think my son feels it -- but he's found his chess nerd niche for the nonce.

"You don't like labels, do you Mom" asked my daughter as I was telling her preppies aren't totally bad. Got it, baby.

So I'm back in the role of supervisor, scanning the internet, talking to parents, checking out her friends and her friends parents -- all the while knowing that the control I have is getting more limited. She's not the only one feeling the stress.

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