mercredi, août 26, 2009

The trip that dare not call itself "junket"

This is where my son and I are going on Thursday to meet our new friend. I interviewed him for a story, and got the quotes right but his last named spelled wrong! He forgave me, and we're still going -- to the Capitol in Harrisburg where legislators have been holed up for more than a month (almost two) tried to agree on a budget. I rarely get to meet the person on the other end of the phone and happy for the chance to expose Mr C to the world of politics.
Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, public service agencies and nonprofits that need state/city funds lay off workers, borrow money, and tell staff they must work reduced hours. Yet the terror of raising any taxes, no matter how small the increase, paralyzes lawmakers who fear voters who believe that politicians are practically as untrustworthy as journalists -- and clergy.
Rural lawmakers blame city legislators, and vice versa -- but lack of nutritious food and homelessness and child abuse don't stop at the city borders. I wonder what we will hear, tomorrow, when we stroll the halls of our Capitol. I was wondering if perhaps Mr. C ought bring his chess set -- I'm sure that some of our lawmakers are masters.

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