jeudi, septembre 10, 2009

Friends in low places -- like Congress

I have to say that I'm finding the debate about reforming health care troublesome. People are saying the stupidest things. And it's not even a matter of what people want in the bill -- it's a matter of what is actually supposed to be in the bill. Coverage for illegal immigrants? As Obama said last night -- no, its not in my bill. "Death panels"? Talking to your doctor about end of life planning isn't like asking him or her to kill you if you become sick. Abortion coverage? Well, that's not totally clear -- and should be the subject of concern and conversation. Something might actually come of that.

But generally, the kind of mob moronics cropping up all over America doesn't give you much faith in the democratic process. Do you truly want South Carolina's Joe Wilson to be your health care proxy?

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norman pease a dit…

Based on how may "voters" believe all this crap, and don't take the time to actually read anything.....I guess it is still a good thing the electoral college is still around:)