lundi, septembre 14, 2009

Crone in training

So when did I become the wise older woman?

I seem to find myself giving advice to lots of people. And fending off some who seem to want to befriend me and get help with their love lives, employment, future books.

I'm getting a little rude, I fear. I tell some people, who want to get the benefit of my foolishness, that I've got not enough time and friends who already don't see a lot of me.

I am blessed with faithful friends -- who give me advice, sought and unsought. Maybe I should send a few of these questing folks to talk to them.

I'm not a crone yet. But when, God willing, I get there, I'll have had much practice.

1 commentaire:

Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

Sometimes when friends give you unsolicited advice, it's more about their own issues than yours. Sometimes they talk when they should be asking questions instead. ;-)