mercredi, juin 17, 2009

Shameless plug for GEYA

No, I'm not talking about GAIA, ladies.

As baseball seasons ends, I wanted to personally thank our local sports volunteer organization. That's the Glenmoore Eagle Youth Association. The men who coach these teams are such a blessing in the lives of our sons and daughters. I haven't run into a bad guy yet -- well, I had one stomach churning experience with a soccer coach who was a bit of a cad, but that was over lunch, not on the field. He's probably a paragon of virtue when he coaches -- such men usually present one face to the world and are something else in private.

Thankfully, Mr. C shows no talent for soccer.

Generally, the dads I've met have been wonderful in showing young boys how to be good sports, how to be gracious losers, and how to compete with flair. And yanno, even the parents have been very cool. I haven't seen more than one or two prima donnas -- most of them are fabulous.

I dunno about Mr. C, but Little League baseball is one of the highlights the year -- I can't wait for Fall Ball!!!

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