jeudi, juin 18, 2009


I've got a feeling things are changing around here.

Last year I rented "Pride and Prejudice" for my daughter and a friend -- where are the vampires, they wanted to know. Well, now, of course, you can get zombies with British accents and pretty gowns.

Last night, the DQ and I watched the Jane Austen adaptation with Kiera Knightley, given the full costume drama presentation. Frankly, I am not a Jane Austen fan. Too much talking, not enough action. But my child waded patiently through more than 2 hours of ballroom scenes, walks, dinners, and naked statues, and a few minutes in which something actually occurs.

OK, so late in the movie she asked me if the movie took place in England. Nah, that's Chicago, I told her.

The fact is that she liked it. She's not quite ready for a "Room with a View" one of my favorite novels/movies. But romance is insinuating itself into her soul -- with or without fangs.

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