dimanche, juin 14, 2009


Sometimes Frank Rich goes over the top. This time, sadly, I fear that he is correct.

One reason I have to admit Rich is right is that a few months ago a libertarian businessman I respect said his colleagues were talking about how they hate Obama. He hangs out in very wealthy, one would think well-educated circles, which is part of what made the conversation so frightening. He said, chillingly, that he'd even heard one of them mention assassination.

Let's not go there. You have to believe that President Obama's security detail is as aware of the danger, and the hate out there, as is Frank Rich. Though I don't think decrying it would make a difference to a "nutjob" I do feel it would make a difference to the souls of those who, by remaining silent, make it seem as though they agree.

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mompriest a dit…

Sadly I think it is a fear completely grounded in a potential for reality, that some hate monger would actually do that....Oh, I pray not.

Offcenter a dit…

There's way too much extremist rhetoric in American political life...