samedi, mai 16, 2009


There's a certain voyeurism about reading this tale. And yet it's an uncomfortable emotion, like finding out the neighbor next door is having an affair with a fourth grade teacher at your local elementary school.

If a NYT finance reporter, who should have known much better, went under water, could it happen to us? He identifies one of the forces that pushed him under as love, and he should know (more than me). But here's what I think I perceive, too -- the desire to recreate your life, and somehow seal off the challenging remants of the old one, is sometimes too tempting to abjure.

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norman pease a dit…

the difficulty with recreating one's life lies in the fact that no matter what, we are who we are. though I feel for the NYT writer, it seems he and patty did not have many "frank" conversations before they married. perhaps I don't want to go "over the moon" for someone. We are all at risk, some less than others.