mardi, mai 19, 2009


It was supposed to be a happy day for our little family. Mr. C, his dad and I sat in a pew at our Lutheran church, watching the DQ, robed in white, as she walked down the aisle to be confirmed. I had run in just as the service started with pants for Mr. C, camera and videocam at the ready to catch the service. Other congregants probably looked and me and thought: what kind of a barbarian is she, taking pictures during the service.

They don't know all the many years I don't have on video -- or how clumsy I am. This Sunday, the memory card was filled up. And we didn't have a good view of the sanctuary. Not to mention that Mr C's pants had apparently been baptized in dirt at some previous, pagan basketball game.

What's a mother to do? Overwhelmed by my ineptitude, I cried, in front of God and everybody. Well, especially God. But walking away after communion, watching my lovely child smilling as she sang in the praise band, I thought -- does Jesus care? I doubt it. And if He doesn't,'s not all that important that my grandchildren' won't have pictures of the confirmation.

Not to mention, that being the Episcopal and Lutheran child of two opinionated clergy, she's being confirmed again next year.

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norman pease a dit…

I doubt the lord will hold you accountable for this. the question is will you. we pile on ourselves and others all sorts of expectations, often to an end you write about. rather than video,perhaps a written story of your and DQ feelings at this time would actually tell more than a video ever could. and good that mr.c pants carried the signs of what was a good time.