vendredi, mai 15, 2009

Great quote of the day

"With the movie “Angels and Demons” opening on Friday, he has been
issuing public broadsides and giving interviews on radio and
television by the fistful, pounding at what he says are historical
distortions about the church’s history in the book’s plot. “They even
have a scene where rats eat a bunch of cardinals,” he said. “Can you
imagine any other religion where this would not be viewed as rank
religious bias?”

Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, profiled in the New York Times

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norman pease a dit…

I think folks would do well concentrating on things of import rather than wasteing energy on fictions. It's the movies, and besides the documented friction between the church and science...the rest is hooey! We all take ourselves and beliefs way too seriously, often to the detriment of thousands of "innoccent" lives...termed..collateral damage.