dimanche, février 01, 2009

Ice Babe

Yesterday I did something really stupid---tripped over the cat, or the bathroom scale, and hit my foot against a wall. Naturally, I thought nothing of it. I figured the pain would subside (which it did) enough for me and a friend to take our kids to the mall for a small anime gathering. But when we returned, it looked like Saschewatch had stepped all over it. My son and I were supposed to ski today--what on earth should we do? I called my orthopod, who has always been right there when I needed him ( we were in the same church) and he told me--go skiing! It will be good for your foot to be in proximity to all the cold. Jack's a very athletic person, and I expect he applies the same standard to us, his clientele. I will report back on whether the ski cure actually works tonight.

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Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

OMG -- I can't believe you went to the mall in pain and never said a word!