mercredi, février 04, 2009

What if....

There was once a man who was down on love. He had a good job, saw his kids regularly, stayed fit, had friends. Even he and his ex wife were on good terms, after years of strife.

But he couldn't seem to find "Ms. Right." The women he met were, he said, a bit self-centered, slightly prone to drama, not committed to the active life he enjoyed.

So he decided to lay low for a while, spend time with his children, hang with his pals.

But he started chatting with this woman, and they developed an easy, comfortable serve and volley style of communicating. She hadn't had lots of relationships, but she'd met lots of guys--and learned a lot about some of the shadows in the male soul. Better to be fussy at first--better to be single-than to be heartbroken, she said. For when she commits her heart, whether to a lover or a friend (for friends deserve this, too), she brings whatever gifts she has.

What would have come of this virtual friendship? Sadly, we will probably never know. For these two battered souls, who had both learned from some mistakes, were so cautious that when the time seemed right, they walked away--rather than risk a friendship that might entail being hurt once more.

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