vendredi, janvier 30, 2009

A closer fit

Who else would go on a fitness retreat and get sick?
Actually, the woman who organized it got a bad cold. After buying food for 20 people for five days, making sleeping arrangements, bringing your husband and child, and, by the way, planning for 18 practitioners, it seems very logical that she did get sick.
In spite of running a fever, losing my appetite (I've GOT to be ill), and sleeping a good part of yesterday, I had a very good time.
I learned more about reiki, got some really good nutrition tips, and had a fabulous reflexologist diagnose what was wrong with me through massaging my feet (and a very interesting guy, to boot, as it were).
I met some folks I never would have run into otherwise.
And I learned that our perspectives on spirituality and health and relationships might be different, but that we can share friendship, and compassion, and laughter.
I' m hoping to be invited back next year!

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