jeudi, janvier 01, 2009


Last night, as we watched Ryan Seacrest, Kellie Pickler, and the eerily made-up Dick Clark host the New Year's special from New York, Mr C asked me if I'd made a resolution.

Actually, I hadn't --until then. But since he and the DQ apparently had ones, I quickly delved into my files of things I thought I needed to improve. Resolution? To worry less, I said to him. Did he think that was a good one for me. Yes, said Mr C -- you can be sure if he felt I was going down the wrong rabbit trail he would have corrected me.

2007 was a hell of a year. In 2008 I began to grapple with the aftermath of my dad's death and my ex's cancer -- always wondering what lay ahead, and how to be prepared.

Jesus knew lots of men and women who lived on agita... who can add a cubit to your height by stressing over something that isn't in your power? he asked them.

Well, I don't know (though I could easily look up) what a cubit is, but I'm going to try to find more fun ways of spending my time in 2009 than anticipating the worst -- unless there's something I can do to change either the potential outcome, or my own behavior.

For this to come true, I'm going to need more than for you to clap your hands--I will need serious prayer.

So what was YOUR resolution?

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