jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

On the other hand...

If I stay online, I can keep getting "winks" like the one I got today.

The "fellow" winking at me was allegedly from Jacksonville, Florida.

Handsome, a little older than me, obviously religious --GodsentOne, or something like that.

Surfing his profile (out of curiosity), I came across the sentence...I love getting flowers for no reason.

Well, isn't that the mark of a new guy, I thought. How charming.

Until I went back to the first sentence, where I read..."I am a one-man woman"...

Obviously, he's a very new guy.

Or not a guy at all, but a group of guys, somewhere in Nigeria, usually named "Alfred", always widowed, and often seeking 70 year old women. Only this time, they got a little sloppy.

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