mercredi, janvier 07, 2009

Just one of those things

Tonight I'm thinking that there's not a whole lot of sense in pursuing a romantic relationship. Admittedly, it's been a bad week.

In one case, I should have seen it coming. My intutition was shooting off signals like crazy. But it never feels good to be treated as disposable, no matter how superficial a relationship you have.

But in another, I had the sense that perhaps we might truly have something deep in common. Waiting by the phone for someone to call? It's so last century!

I have met so many cads and bounders, as my friend Art would call them. Men who don't hesistate to use women to met their emotional and physical needs. It makes me wonder if there are any really good ones still available.

I'm not critizing all guys, and I'm not excepting women. Nor am I proclaiming my self-righteousness. It's just that I do start off by trying to see the best in people -- which could be a mistake.

Perhaps it's saner to mothball this hope than to see it dashed again and again -- and stop believing it it is possible.

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