jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

Fewer clouds

OK, enough whining about blackguards and wastrels and all sorts of guys right out of nineteenth century novels. James, Trollope, maybe a bit of Edith Wharton for good measure?

I think there's a moral to my experience this past week -- if someone keeps changing his story, don't believe him. Duh, Elizabeth.

I still find it hard to understand why someone would do that, however -- are they pathological liars? Unlikely. Are they just not interested, and trying to be wriggle out of interaction with sweet lies? More likely--why would we have so many songs about lying men and women if there wasn't a human tendency towards deceit. I just wonder why someone would think I was worth that kind of time investment -- tale after tale, like the Ancient Mariner.

Or--is he confused? Does he need an ear? Is he so traumatized by a failed marriage or trouble with his kids that he doesn't know what he's doing? Could he be struggling with some kind of addiction?

Frankly, this is where I get tripped up. My tendency to assume that someone is doing rude or uncaring things because he is suffering (as opposed to merely being an ass), and that sympathy is the appropropriate response.

It would be interesting to know, from a clinical point of view, if a lot of women fall for the "charm offensive" -- and then what happens. I wonder if there's a potential article here. Or maybe a post for the new "big blog" I'm going to pitch, which has a special segment targeting women. I always wanted to do a slightly catty lady gossip column thing, and let my dark side show.

On to atheist, I think I'll wait until I've posted on that at the blog I write for (Get Religion) . org...Check it out later tonight, folks!

I think I'm feeling a little better. Some might say that getting excited about writing up one's experiences (and those of others) for a blog or ezine is a wee bit mad, but I might as well join the crowd. Apparently a large one!

You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.

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