lundi, juin 02, 2008

Into the Fire

Bishop Bennison's trial is next week at a hotel in Philadelphia. He's being tried on charges he abetted his brother, then a priest, in covering up the brother' sexual abuse of a minor.

It's not something that occurs often-the trial of a bishop in the Episcopal Church. In fact, I don't recall the last time. Was it Walter Righter (more than ten years ago)? As it happens, I'm taking services for a friend this and next Sunday. I''ll probably need to explain the charges and the jury and their decision.

Of course, no one knows what the verdict is going to be. Right now, it's kind of like knowing that there is going to be an accident, but not knowing who is going to need to be in the hospital and who will need rehabilitation. Well, if Daniel and his friends walked through the fire....

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Sue a dit…

What is the overall vibe like in the area? D spoke to a friend/former colleague/priest yesterday and the word he used was "like death." Dark, depressing, all life just sucked out, demoralizing ... "Sad" isn't even the right word, I don't think. We feel distanced from it all up here now -- and maybe that's not such a bad thing (?).


Offcenter a dit…

Sue, I'm way out of the loop-your friend probalby knows much more than me-I'll find out on Monday, I suppose.