samedi, mai 31, 2008

Stormy Weather

Driving home from the salon today, I heard the weather forecast. Our whole local area has a tornado watch. As the rain began slipping down the windshield, I looked nervously at the tall branches of the trees by the fields. They were swaying, but very gently.

We've been darned fortunate in the Northeast to date. Yes, we've had some flooding-one of my friend's mothers lost her house where the dunes had been swept away (in part by bad planning by local authorities). Yes, we've had some downed trees. But we have experienced nothing in contrast to people in the south and the far west.

I sometimes wonder what would happen, God forbid, if a weather disaster- say a tornado-hit the White House or Capitol Hill. Would it change George Bush's indolent contempt for those who advocate mandating new rules to combat climate change?

Read the article by Charles Blow linked above, and ask yourself what price complacency.

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