mercredi, juin 04, 2008

The iron fist

It seems like the Senator from New York has finally gotten the message. Although she did take many of the big states, Obama has the delegates. On Saturday, she'll party-and she'll ponder her future. It won't include being elected President of the United States this year. This year, we'll elect either the oldest guy to be chosen President, or America's first black President.

Amazing, isn't it?

Now that it's almost au revoir, catch you on the Senate floor, Hillary, it's not so hard to see why she had such a tough time giving in. She has won a lot of primaries since Iowa. She was, in many ways, as she has said again and again, the candidate for the working and middle class women and men who are on the losing edge of the gap between rich and poor.

It's an understatement to say that this campaign didn't bring out the best in Bill and Hillary Clinton. Putting that behind him is going to be only one of the challenges Obama will confront as he gets ready to step back into the ring-this time, against a Republican....

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