samedi, mai 10, 2008

When I was your age....

Mr. C has a wonderful fourth grade teacher this year. She's tiny-a little larger than my son-who is about the size of a small quarterback for the Cowboys. While very enthusiastic and accessible, Mrs. D also believes that children do better with structure. So when I noticed my son was having a difficult time remembering to hand in assignments, not to mention do them, I sent her an email.

After assuring me she could help Mr. C with his homework, folder, she wrote that one reason the kid might be forgetting his math or science work was because he spent a lot of time in the morning talking to his friends.

But how to bring this up? Dinner is crazy around here-and then there is his oldest sister, who really doesn't need to hear it. Since we were going to meet his dad, I decided to do the deed in the car.

Mr. C can be rather sensitive... I brought up the topic with my best feigned jovial air. Did you know what Mrs. D told me when I wrote her? I asked him.

But after I told him, my son chuckled. I DO get a little carried away, he admitted. But I bet she did, too when she was my age.

I don't know what a truly responsible mom would have said. I just grinned, and kept driving.

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