mardi, mai 06, 2008

Myanmar-to the unknown dead

Scanning the paper today to see where to contribute to help victims of the cyclone in Myanmar (the former Burma) I realized that many factors are making relief a huge challenge.

One of the big ones is that Myanmar is a dictatorship. We don't know much about what goes on in Myanmar, so it isn't clear that the dictators will allow relief teams the access they must have to aid people who live out in the rice fields, many parts of which are flooded.

It is possible at this point that entire villages were swept away-the inhibitants drowned.

At this point, they estimate, 22,500 people died, and 41,000 are missing. But part of what is haunting about the story is that possibly no one will ever know how many poor villagers died-they have disappeared under the delta waters.

I'll try to post some names of relief agencies as they become, let's pray for the unknown victims, and the mercy of a God who does know the names of every lost child-and the parents who loved them.

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