jeudi, mai 08, 2008

Of course, the voter ID law was designed to protect "us", the soon to be minority Caucasians, from ballot-wielding, poor Hispanics, native Americans, African-Americans, and lesser white folk from places like Appalachia.

Such is bigotry in America. I'm positive enough to believe, though, that this fear of folks who look different is a minority position.

Thanks to all the Catholic sisters of years past who walked the streets of the US in black and white. After all, it wasn't many years ago when you would have been jeered at. We do make progress-it is by looking backward that we know this...

Hillary, of course, will make the decision as to if and when she ends her campaign. But I hope that she reaches that decision soon,” said the former Senator George McGovern on Wednesday. McGovern is 85, and was an early Clinton supporter. These days, he represents her most loyal demographic: extremely old people. One of the flaws in the theory that Hillaryites will stay home in November rather than vote for Barack is that many of her staunchest backers are elderly voters, who tend to be such knee-jerk good citizens that they would drag themselves to the polls even if the only candidates on the ballot were Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Seacrest.

You may have heard, by the way, that residents of Saint Mary’s Convent in South Bend, all in their 80s and 90s, showed up to vote Tuesday and were turned away because of Indiana’s strict new voter ID laws. The laws are supposed to keep people from voting under assumed names, and while nobody seems able to demonstrate that ever really happens, they are demonstrably good at protecting the public from a 98-year-old ballot-wielding nun."

Gail Collins, NYT Today

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