samedi, mars 01, 2008

Snow globe

A wonderfully challenging day in which my friend Kris and I went to Bear Creek and skiied with my son, AKA Mr. C. She took him under her wing-and he listened to her. Eventually they took off happily for the intermediate trails, while I graduated from the bunny to the easy (but still quite bumpy) hills. Mr. C is not encumbered by this kind of self-doubt, and he could have spent all evening on the slopes. But he fell asleep in the car on the way back.

It took me quite a while to learn to listen to my body again, and trust its responses.

But when we stopped at a diner on the way home, after an afternoon and early evening of skiing, I remembered the beauty of the lamps glinting off the snow, the rush of my edges cutting through the powder, and the satisfaction of facing my discomfort and thought-darn, why don't I do this more often?

How about you?

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