mardi, février 26, 2008


There are a lot of people who have ticked off Democrats in Congress. Administration officials, current and former, are high on the list of those being asked to explain themselves-or face a citation for contempt.

We are likely to see a full scale Constitutional war erupt between Congress and the President over a few of those citations.

In the meantime, however, Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens is about to be put in the stocks. Up until now, Democrats have been gunning for him-and Republicans attacking his former trainer as a pusher and other types of pond scum.

He is likely to be called in to testify about whether or not he lied when he said he didn't take performance enhancing drugs. Former trainer Brian McNamee says he gave Clemens the shots of human growth hormone. Teamate Andy Petitte, also under the microscope, corroborated the trainer's rap on Clemens. The pitcher denies that he took steroids-and so may be liable to perjury charges.

If McNameee and Pettite are being candid, then Clemens is in a heap of hot water. Frankly, he's not a guy it's easy to like-so I doubt he's getting a lot of sympathy.

But one also has to ask: are they going after him because he's prominent and they might not get Harriet Meiers on the contempt charge? Sports corruption charges are usually fascinating theater-and a diversion.

Will they be as diligent in chasing down the smaller fish? What else does Brian McNamee know?

And is it merely a coincidence that Clemens has played for the New York Yankees for much of his career? Is this part of a Red State conspiracy?

What if there is a "Clemens" curse? Yikes-does that mean New York won't win another World Series for almost 90 years?

PS-Take a look at the story linked above. Congress has asked the Department of Justice to look into whether Clemens made false statements to them when he testified in the aftermath of the investigation by former Senator George Mitchell. Until now, it seems that Republicans had been supporting Clemens and Democrats his trainer, McNamee. To the outsider, this degree of partisanship seems silly-on the verge of being ludicrous. But let's not forget-this is the United States Congress we are talking about.

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