dimanche, février 24, 2008

Behave yourself

"Be a good sport."

"Always say please and thank you."

"Ignore your sister (or brother or the neighbor, or the bully on the back of the bus). He/she is just trying to get your goat."

"Eat your vegetables."

All of these venerable soundbites have come out of my mouth many times-although I don't get to give advice about sportmanship as much as I would like. My daughter shows no interest in team sports, and I leave the advice about hitting and catching to Colin's Little League coaches.

But recently I've been feeling a little edgy when I hear these aphorisms tripping off my tongue.

After all, how many of us adults are always good sports? Parents who attend their kids games frequently present very poor examples to the young athletes-not to mention to other mothers or fathers.

How many of us always graciously receive gifts we may not need or particularly like?

How many of us are hurt by the words or actions of a parent or sibling, a colleague or a partner?

I know there are many times I'd like to ditch the greens and eat only chocolate-how about you?

I wonder why we ask children to act like little adults-when adults find it so hard.

And, on a related topic-am I the only person who doesn't think spending $1,200 in a month at Dunkin Donuts is excessive-for a national campaign? When else is one going to get to indulge such childish fantasies?

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