jeudi, février 07, 2008

Loosening up

I just got back from a day or two in the hospital. What was probably, said the neurologist, a migraine, could have been a stroke. When you walk into a hospital with any strange symptoms, they run pretty much each test known to woman.

So they did pretty much all of the these on me-and came up clean! Thank God.

I need to follow up with my opthamologist. And I need to follow up with myself.

What came through to me while lying awake wondering how to block out the lights that are on day and night in the hospital was how I try to control situations by getting all stressed about them. Majoring in the almost-minor. Acting as though I was able to make it better by feeling worse. Stupid, huh? I'm not quite sure what to do to unclaw my fingers and lighten up a bit.

Yet I need to find creative ways to do jest that. Any ideas?

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Catherine + a dit…

E+, I am thankful you seem to be all right after your unexpected trip to the hospital. As for ideas. I have learned to take care of myself by coming home from work, relaxing hot shower, comfy clothes, a good meal and then hanging out with my Shih Tzu on the carpet, closing my eyes and petting him as he lays beside is calming to say the least. Other ideas? Yoga as spiritual meditation thereby relaxing you and deflecting the world to focus soley on God. More sleep; naps are not dangerous. I suffer from migraines too, and all of these things help me through when I first sense one coming on; the dark, warm quietness of a place at home or away from home [a friend's house] also works. Food for thought. Happy to share.