lundi, février 04, 2008

A few weeks ago I read one of the five million articles written about last night's Superbowl. The Inquirer writer argued that if he had to choose a team, it would be the Patriots. After all, the Giants were like the Eagles-and we all know that the Eagles should have been there instead of hated New York.

I haven't read his column today. Hopefully he has apologized for the vaguely surly tone of his editorial-and rejoiced with everyone who appreciates fabulous football.

Who would have ever thought of a New York team as "the underdog"?

But we were, going into last night's game. And, in the last quarter, it looked like the Giants would be another victim of the Patriots persistence and skill.

Even after 9/11, people still love to mock New York, sometimes rightly. Yes, some of us can be parochial, arrogant, and argumentative. But we came through last night-not just for anyone who has ever called our town their town, but for Americans who love a victory against what seemed almost ridiculous odds.

Don't worry, Philly. We New Yorkers, former and present, will root for you when your moment arrives-if we can do it, you can, too.

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Sue a dit…

I love how you still consider yourself a New Yorker -- I guess you can never be rid of that part of yourself, no matter how many years go by! Me neither ... after living in PA for about a decade, I still considered this NY/NJ area my "home" ... how ironic now that I'm back. You can just imagine what our area was like after the game -- I haven't watched football in years, but this time around, being back "home," sure was worth it. Fun stuff!

You know, I never could bring myself to root for Philly during those years of inhabitance ... you're a more generous fan than I am! :)