vendredi, janvier 18, 2008

Yes, it is disconcerting to hear that Barack Obama spoke admiringly of Ronald Reagan. For many people, particularly African American people, (remember the myth of the "welfare queen"?) the Republican President doesn't bring back cheerful memories.

But should we really care? My gosh, can you think of the truly awful men and women he or another candidate might have used as a role model?

It's late, and we won't.

It must be painful for the candidate to hear the black author Shelby Steele comment that whites are choosing him because he is a bargainer, a blank slate on which to write, a person who doesn't really know himself. Whites find the racial problems tiring, and so they welcome a black candidate who seems not to have lots of racial baggage.

I have to say that I wondered, as I heard Marti Moss-Coane chat with Steele, if he was correct-or if this was another example of a generational divide. On one edge of the chasm-those who still advocate for identity politics. On the other side-a generation who sees, and hears in Obama, a commitment to seeing the other persons point of view.

We'll find out-hopefully not too soon. No reason for this race to end in Nevada!

PS: I'm going away to NewYork for a few days, so won't be posting, probably until Monday.

Remember on Monday why we have a vacation-time to volunteer, to serve, to remember we are a community.

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