lundi, janvier 14, 2008


Hillary may be a lot of things, but she isn't stupid. Her comment about how the Civil Rights Act wouldn't have become law without President Lyndon Johnson was seen as a swipe at the memory of Martin Luther King. Having read it over and over again, I truly doubt that's what she meant. Why would she seek to minimize King's legacy?

Instead the statement felt irrelevant and confusing-or a glimpse into Clinton' s compulsive desire for the Oval Office. It lacked the cheerful malice of Huckabee's attack on the Presidential candidate who just happens to be a Mormon-don't they believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers?

If you get in their way, the Clintons can be scary. If they don't watch the tendency to wage a war of destruction by surrogate at anyone who stands in the way of something they desire, then we may forget all the good things Hill and Bill (separately) have done-not just for African-Americans but for America.

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