mercredi, janvier 16, 2008

Vox pop?

We've been hearing about the crushing weight on the middle class (let's not even bring the poor into it) for decades. It seems like every year or so there is another well-researched rant on the subject of economic inequality-the huge gap between the wealthy and...most of the rest of us.

So what I'd like to know is: why did it take us so long to get angry about this? We know many people are suffering as the price of gasoline heating oil goes sky high and homes are in foreclosure and the economy is contracting. We've known wealthy folks are making huge profits and we are not.

But we seem to have a predisposition to believe the playing field is level when it is not. And we seem to want to believe our government has our best interest at heart when the people who have the power often don't.

Is this the year for a populist Prez? I doubt it. I doubt a lot of independents would vote for Mike Huckabee, or for John Edwards.

BUT it may be the election when the middle class finally finds ITs voice--and roars.

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