dimanche, janvier 06, 2008

Hypocrite or holy woman?

Check out the story link-I was so happy to be in the Post (and, to be honest, so used to getting favorable reactions to my commentaries) that I was surprised when the reaction to this one has been unfavorable. The point of some of my readers? Because I'm not including the fact that I'm ordained in my dating profile, I'm being dishonest.

As I pointed out to one of the folks leaving a comment and accusing me of bad faith, I don't work for the religious establishment anymore. Thus I don't see a critical moral need to say in my profile that I'm ordained. Once I see if someone is really interested in me, not just my photos, then it's an appropriate time to fill them how my vocation and beliefs have made me who I am-and vice versa. That's sacred ground-holy territory.

I'm guessing that Ms. Brown, the woman who wrote, probably didn't include a lot of items that were important to her, but seemed too personal or sensitive for such a public document.

I have only seen, in my recollection, one profile where a clergyman alluded to his job-although one can figure some of the other ones out.

What do you think? Would you include that information on a dating profile? Have you ever had an occupation you didn't list? When is it appropriate to reveal these sensitive items?

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