mercredi, janvier 09, 2008

A real race

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a horserace in both parties, which can only be good for the country.

On the Republican side, John McCain, who was left for dead on the side of the road a few months ago, is again a contender. Mitt Romney, who could pour $250 mil or so of his own money into the race (can you imagine the ego it takes to do that?) and Mike Huckabee are still in contention. More so than the Democrats, the Republicans are what my son would call "shapechangers."

Romney and Huckabee seem to be running on an anti-immigrant platform, pandering to the fears of Americans who are watching us topple into reccession and wondering how to retrain in a global economy. Guiliani keeps beating that old terror anthem-do you think he's got another song? McCain, who is perhaps a more honorable guy, also needs to be observed carefully-he isn't always consistent.

As to the Democrats? It's good for them that Hillary won last night. I still wonder what Obama really stands for, and I still worry about Hillary's paranoia and sense of entitlement. But watching Obama last night, I was touched by the power of his oratory and his talent for connecting with our better selves-the people we'd like to be.

As for Hillary? She's a less exciting speaker. She looks like your fifth grade science teacher. And her speeches verge on the wonkish. But I had to keep doing a double take as I watched the two candidates last night. Who would have guessed that our two strongest candidates would be a woman and a black man. After seven years, we have an opportunity-not just for pride, but for real hope.

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Charlie a dit…

You're a fine writer, Elizabeth, and I'm enjoying reading your blog. Like you, I think it's good for both parties that the anti-establishment candidates are competing well. And I agree that it says volumes about where we are as a nation that a woman and a black man are among the leaders. Remarkable.

Ultimately, I think the voters will turn away from Hillary because she's a party apparatchik, and the voters seem in the mood to start something new. I know I am.

Gail a dit…

I love that last paragraph.
Fifth grade science teacher, wonkish. Perfect.

And I agree...a black man and a woman.
These are the days.