vendredi, janvier 04, 2008

A vote for honesty

A former governor and Baptist minister from Arkansas with a message of compassion for America's working class. A Senator with only three years experience-and, more importantly perhaps, the country's first potentially electable African American President.

What a resounding slap in the face to the party establishment.

Granted: rural, overwhelmingly White Iowa, with its large numbers of evangelical Republicans and liberal (populist) Democrats, isn't California, or Florida, or New York, or Tennessee.

Still, there are moments when the ground shifts under the feet of those who want to keep the old playbook-and this may one.

Change was the message from last night's Iowa caucuses. But I'm hoping it wasn't just about rejection, but about affirmation.

YES, we want a person who knows that many Americans haven't done well under 30 years of policies that favor the wealthy. YES, we are enthusiastic about the idea that our President might look more like America.

And, I hope it's a vote for honesty...Huckabee hasn't done as well in that respect as Obama. He's good at playing people off against one another. But the Mitt Romneys and Clinton's and Guilianis blessed by the bureaucrats doesn't appear to recognize a moral principle to save their souls. We deserve better.

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