lundi, novembre 19, 2007

The price of non conformity

This year Mr. C has found himself at school-and he's really invested in it. It shows not only in his grades, but in the way he talks about his interactions in the classroom. When we see the teacher next week I want to ask her if he gets overly exuberant. He told me that a few kids called him "teacher's pet" in math class. I advised him that it's smart, not to mention right, to let other kids answer. I have memories of boys who, simply by dint of the fact that they were bolder and more obnoxious, got the teacher's eye first. Very annoying.

Meanwhile, our 12 year old is having a tougher year. She's not at all a conformist, and most of what goes on in school seems to bore her. At the same time, she grapples with attention issues, which means that even when she does want to take notes or write down those assignments, it's hard to focus. She's also a very self-directed young woman. There are things she cares about-and things that don't seem to matter. When she is older, she'll be able to focus on doing the things she really cares about. For the moment, our challenges as her parents, teachers and counselors is to help her realize that, for right now, school is her job. It's her ticket to get to where she wants to be-movie star or waitress. I really don't care much as long as she bring zest and passion to what she does. It bothers her that so many people don't have the material wealth she has. I told her we can not change the whole world-but we can help take on a piece of that change.

Yesterday I saw that some folks in our congregation were going to Philly to feed the poor on Thanksgiving. Shrieks of protest from the kids, but I found some folks who would take them. We're having a very quiet Thanksgiving this year-appropriate in the circumstances. Nonetheless, it may help them understand how blessed they truly are.

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