lundi, novembre 19, 2007

Goodbye, Dad

My father died today. He was ill a long time. Now he is at peace. I can't believe he is gone. I told him last week, that in that room, there was nothing but love-no unresolved arguments, no bitterness, nothing unsaid. Just love.

I believe he is with my mom and my brother and my awesome grandmother and great aunt and a host of others who now know as they are known.

I don't dare imagine what that must be like because it can't be like anything I can envision.

I'll always love you, Dad. May you rest in God's loving arms.

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Sue a dit…

I felt bittersweet stirrings when I read your post this morning -- great sadness for the loss of a father who was so clearly dear to you, yet joy that you parted on such a beautiful note, one of love. In a way it's appropriate, with Thanksgiving a few days away, for now more than ever you are indeed thankful -- especially for your father. Our prayers are with you, my friend. Peace is a beautiful thing.

Jan a dit…

I am sorry. It is hard to lose a father (and a mother). That is a hole that will always be, though it gets slightly filled with time. My mother died 15 years ago, and my dad died 5 years ago. AT holidays I miss them more, so this Thanksgiving may have been difficult for you. I am sorry. My prayers are with you.

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