dimanche, novembre 18, 2007

He's Melting...he's melting

A cyclone in Bangladesh killed at least 1,700 people-and destroyed the homes of many more. You didn't see the corpses-after all, CNN is not out to shock you. But we did view the empty eyes of children as they sat on trees in the road or in the pieces of their homes.

Although at this point it's not evident that global warming had anything to do with the cyclone, Bangladesh is one of the countries that often has to cope with damage from flooding and cyclones. They are much less able to contend with these floods than we are-and look at New Orleans to see how well we do.

If you look at the link above, you will see a piece on growing mandate from the courts for the government to pay attention to the economic and humanitarian cost of climate change.

Their excuses have been unbelievable. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has no authority to regulate carbon dioxide.

Shall we allow the American automobile industry to regulate carbon dioxide instead?
We see how well they are doing keeping up with Japan.

The Transportation Department argued that there is no economic benefit to controlling emissions.

Except for the human cost in health and productivity-but what are a few thousands more black kids with asthma or older workers with lung problems?

When we look back in ten years (perhaps in a year) at our Administration's obduracy on the plain facts about global warming, will we be astonished at how the Congress lay down and played dead?

Or will we be ashamed at how the automobilemakers and their buddies in the Administration sacrificed our health to their profits?

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