mardi, octobre 02, 2007

Just a little respect

Mr. C has a bit of his mom's take-no-prisoners style of humor. I told his baseball coach he was welcome to tell him to be quiet while in the dugout (or in centerfield, for that matter). At Sunday's game I was blessed to stand near the home team dugout, a wonderful place to hear Colin keep up an endless steam of commentary on the baseball game being played, his particular spot in the lineup, and other games he had seen. "He's calling the game, he thinks he's Harry Kalas," said his volunteer coach, a wonderful man named Mike, who seemed more amused than upset.

That night I was lying next to my boy on the bed just before he went to sleep. As all parents know, that's sometimes one of the best times to learn what's on your child's mind, when they are vulnerable and often willing to share the things that scare them or worry them.

I'm afraid that I wasn't prepared for what came out of my little comedian's mouth this time. I told him something he had done or something we saw was cute. I can't remember what it was, but he told me "Mom, you think everything is cute. You think George W. Bush is cute." Stunned by the unfairness of this comment, I was silent.

Following the train of thought into even more challenging territory, Mr. C. said: "My Cub Scout leader says you should respect the President."

I was baffled. What do I say to that? Of course, you respect the office of the President-but what does it mean to respect a position, when you don't respect the man?

Giving me no chance to respond, he said with great glee: "Get a life!"

I know what I should have said. I know what any respectable parent would have said. Instead, I just laughed, kissed him good night....and told his father, the next time we chatted, that he would have explain this so very adult concept to Mr. a time when his nice Cub Scout leader was nowhere in sight.

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Sue a dit…

Ooooh, how hard it is to respect someone in a "respectable office" when that's the last thing that person deserves. And what makes it even more difficult is when God is thrown in the mix ... Bush and politics? Another story.

I loved your reaction! I would have done the same myself, but thankfully my 5 year old doesn't care too much about that stuff. Although he did inform me last fall that he is "afraid of church, because it hurts people and makes people cry." Ouch. I don't think there's a proper response for that on any level.

Colin's final touche was great. Leave it to a kid to bring something up and then shut it all down with a laugh, leaving your mind whirling and wondering. Love it! :)