vendredi, octobre 05, 2007

The Mom Job

A few days ago the NYT ran an article on a new type of plastic surgery. Termed the "Mom job", this is made for women who aren't pleased with their post-pregnancy body.

Your breasts sag a bit from months of breast-feeding? Dr. Jones can take care of that for you. How about that tummy? A bit of liposuction can have you as taut (well, close) as you were before baby pushed all of your muscles out of their six-pack glory.

There are women who have real issues after giving birth. Some struggle with major weight gain. Some have back problems. Some have other, gynecological issues we won't mention here.

Why the heck do we want to make women feel that, even after the incredible achievement and joy of giving birth, they have to measure up to the glossy standards of a lingerie model?

As a Christian, I find this even more upsetting. We are created in the image of God-yes, women, too. Without going all God-as-mother here, let me just say that I believe God loves our bodies. I think that parental love encompasses every droop and tummy mark where an embryonic hand woke us up in the middle of the night, reminding us of our calling to birth the flesh that becomes, was becoming, will become the mystery of a child.

How dare they meddle with this mystery?

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