samedi, octobre 06, 2007

Call for submissions (not submission)

I'm going to be pulling together a proposal for a book anthologizing clergywomen who are mothers-something like, "Reverend Mama." I'm looking for women interested in writing essays for that book. Ordination is useful, but not totally a prerequisite-but having been published in a magazine, newspaper, ezine or journal is a prerequisite...unless you have been told by everyone who hears you preach that you are so hot you should have been a writer! I'm looking for intimate, revelatory, confessional prose on a parenting topic of your choice. It can be as diverse as relating to moms in your congregation or how you and your spouse divide childcare when you are on call all the time.

Use your a comment with an email where you can be reached. I'll respond privately to you if you don't want your comment published.

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