samedi, janvier 20, 2007

An excellent reminder

What great religious figure used to beat his breast about what an awful, terrible completely degraded guy he was...the worst of sinners? Whoever he was, I believe that he heard God say: "get over it, man"...or some such words. Well, I have a tendency to make my flaws sound even worse than they are, too.
An exhibitionist? Ha-I bet, as exhibitionists go (where do they go?), I'm not even in the Little Leagues. Sometimes I think I have delusions of grandeur. Which takes me back to a point I have pondered recently in these posts-why self-exposure is more and more common? And, more to the point, why does anyone else care whether I struggle with a desire to 'fess and tell all? Why do we like to read about Sam and his recent break up or Lucy and her obsession with tennis or even Britney and her trashy taste? Why do we care? I guess that within us all there may be a craving to be a person of interest...if only to our nearest and dearest. With the anarchic democracy of the Internet, many of us can live out this fantasy. But beware...even in this arena, the tyranny of the marketplace means that if you don't continue to lure us with ever more scandalous (even if slightly hyped up) revelations, we will go somewhere else for our vicarious thrills.

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