jeudi, janvier 18, 2007

The subtle sins of the virtuous woman

Ok, maybe I'm not so virtuous. After all, I recently confessed that I would like to have been a bad girl at least once in high school. But I'm embarrassed to say that I don't think that falls into the realm of sin as much as hormonal stupidity. Frankly, I'm not even sure, at this distance, that I ever really had the opportunity to be compellingly naughty, either in high school or in college. All of those sexy Renassaince "carpe diem" poems were wasted on me. Even the glittering sexuality of the German painters like Gustav Klimft laid out in front of me by a saucy artist in college just made me blush and retreat to my virginal bower. Well, enough of that. I do have a real sin to confess, but it will have to wait until Friday, when I can dress it up and make it look...well, literary at least, if not charming.

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