samedi, juin 24, 2006

New Links

I am html-challenged. It's not even that I have a hard time writing code...I just have a hard time copying code! I had meant to link to a couple of other blogs for a while, but simply didn't have the time to feel stupid and humiliated, since I like to think of myself as a relatively competent person. That being said, l hope to add more links in the future, and I should state my philosophy about links. My philosophy? I'd like to present as broad a spectrum of intelligent and informed thought as possible. I've had Barbara's Crafton's website on my blog since the beginning. She's a wonderful writer, gardener, and Episcopal priest, and I'm proud to call her a friend. Chaplain +Catherine, author of Come to the Table, is also a gardener and a pastor-a strong voice for the compassionate liberal point of view from the West Coast. And Dr. Ben Myer's Faith-Theology blog (Dr. Myer's writes from Brisbane, Australia) is simply one of the best theological blogs I've found. I hope, in the future, to add links to a couple of conservative blogs, like the award-winning Pontifications, written by a former Anglican priest, and a contemporary Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Martin Fox. As a single mom with a job, I don't have the time I'd like to cruise lots of blogs looking for controversy, scholarship and faith, but I'll try to link to more as I find 'em. Although I wish I'd written a lot of the copy on a couple of these blogs, they don't always represent my opinion. As you can often tell.

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Catherine + a dit…

A lot got left out of my comment because the comment set up does not allow some code, but I will email what I was trying to show you soon, ok?



Leah a dit…

Hey, I realize I just welcomed you to RGBPs, but I was randomly clicking around this blog and noticed your comment about being challenged regarding copying...well, actually I wanted to ask how you got the links list at the top of this blog? I use the same template for my design blog, suncountryliving, and despite being fairly html-competent (I've done tons of customizing on the old - antique, probably - template for my theology blog), from my Tucson friend's aol browser I can't access the source code...anyway, I really like the effect. Leah, headed back to San Diego late this afternoon where I can check this out.

Offcenter a dit…

Hi, Leah:

Thank you for your welcome! You are talking to someone who can't even upload pictures on Picasa, so I don't know if I can tell you how, but will investigate. The old links got transferred when I went to the new Google format. The RGBP's link I played around with until I was able to put the code near the top of the html code-I'll try to look at the template again and see where I put it. More later, Elizabeth

Offcenter a dit…

Leah, I put the RGBP link at the end of the "sidebar" code and before the 'profile' code-But I can't figure out what happened to the other links...or why this worked. ;-)

Leah a dit…

Hi Elizabeth--well, I just wrote a long reply to you, and Blogger, as usual, told me "no cookies" (I'm still in old Blogger, where I plan to stay until they force me out). Clearly it realizes I haven't used my home puter for over a week! I'm back in San Diego and looked at the source code for your blog and cannot figure out what's happening, but I can tell you I've had tons of problems with the ways this template, which I LOVE, displays what sections of the page where in which browser! At home I mainly use IE and Firefox. I also want to mention I've never been able to make Picasa work, despite having just graduated from a FT, 9-month long, software-intensive graphic design program! I have a Photobucket Pro account for my images--it gives me tons of space for a low annual price, so I'd definitely recommend it. More later, Leah