vendredi, juin 23, 2006

A whimper? Nah

More reflections on the just ended General Convention of the Episcopal Church- As usual, the pooh-bahs of the Episcopal Church (what's up with the name change? do we see lawsuits ahead?) have argued and prayed and talked, and the result is...nobody got exactly what they wanted. Some of us expected that the GC would end with a great American gesture of defiance towards the Anglican Communion and of solidarity with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. But the decision to recommend restrain or "refraint" (a neologism) in seeking to ask for approval of the consecration of any more gay bishops (for the time being) apparently has pleased nobody. Liberals think that the Convention caved into pressure and tried to appease the conservatives while stepping all over gays and lesbians. Conservatives think that BO33 was both insincere (c'mon guys, be a little gracious) and not muscular enough to satisfy the recommendations of the Windsor Report. What an amazing thing it would have been if both sides had applauded the delegates willingness to compromise. Oh well. My best guess is that some delegates to the previous convention were truly shocked at the reaction Bishop Robinson's approval provoked. For the first time, they began to wrestle with what it meant to be part of a larger body. It's really too bad that some of our African brother bishops haven't paused to think about this, too. Dioceses can, of course, go ahead and elect whoever they want. For example: choosing a thrice married man to be a bishop doesn't seem like a particularly sensitive and appropriate choice. Personally, I hope that we continue to exercise "refraint" and allow the conversation, so difficult and so important, to continue.

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