dimanche, juin 25, 2006

Dating games

(I apologize to those of you who tried to move from my blog to Pontifications, ended up in never never land and didn't get your diet of conservative Catholicism today. I have no clue as to what I did, because the code looks fine, but I will eventually go back and see if I can fix it.)

WARNING: SOME of you will consider this frivolous. You may ignore it and wait for me to regain my sense of propriety. You might want to come back in a year or two. For the others- to the subject at hand: I am now at the point where I am actually considering eventually dating. Men. Not just my kids at the Exton Mall on a Saturday night (if we get really creative, we go to the Indian vegetarian restaurant in another shopping center).

Having surveyed the online dating scene (because most of my married friends apparently only have married friends and divorced or single women ones, like me) I have come to a couple of tentative conclusions.

What are you seeing out there, Elizabeth? As a writer, I've noticed that there's an awful lot of flowery language out in the cyberworld. I don't know what women say in their profiles (I've tried to snoop, but I don't want to freak them out by appearing in their "viewed" list) but guys my age seem to have an amazingly romantic view of relationships.

Apparently their perspective is unsullied by divorce, years of single bliss, or any of the curve balls life throws at them. My sense is that we Americans are good, too good, at romanticizing marriage, and then getting horribly disillusioned when we fall out of "love." Remember what they said about the Bourbon dynasty in France? They learned nothing and forgot nothing.

So, Elizabeth-would you date a younger guy? I would prefer to date a younger guy. And it's not because they make me look good (though that's a nice idea). Although younger guys are also romantic, they seem more at ease around women in general. Some have lots of energy and imagination. In addition, they are not as likely to be embittered by a previous marital relationship. Which isn't to say that there aren't lots of great middle-aged fellows around...I'm open to persuasion!

Any other words of wisdom, Elizabeth, or are you saving them for the p.m. talk shows? I'd make a lousy dominatrix (but give me time). I hate to hurt people's feelings. But rejection is part of the dating game, a part that has not changed through the years. It's a wonderful thing when people connect, but it can't be forced. Judging from some of the interesting permutations of relationship possible on such sites as Craigslist, I've got a feeling that I'm also a little on the old-fashioned side when it comes to the dating scene out there. The fact that there is no screening on some of these sites allows for some folks with tastes that are slightly off the beaten path to indulge their fantasies.

I'll keep you posted as time goes by. Do I sound too practical? Maybe a little sprinkling of stardust wouldn't hurt!

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