mercredi, janvier 15, 2014

Defrocked pastor Frank Schaefer: a lighting rod and a storyteller

Because I didn't attend the denominational trial and hear his testimony, I haven't spent a lot of time sorting out my impressions of Frank Schaefer, defrocked by United Methodist Church leaders for officiating at his son's same-sex wedding (and then refusing to promise he would abide by denominational proscriptions) .

But after speaking with him, I had one clear impression -- this is a man without guile.

That's a pretty remarkable trait in any professional environment.  Yes, even in the church.  Perhaps especially in the church.

He's preaching at three services this Sunday in Lancaster's First United Methodist Church.
Go listen, and judge for yourself. Whatever you think of Schaefer's choices, his story is still compelling. And whether the context is a lecture, a book or a sermon, the story is often what we remember, isn't it?

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