mercredi, novembre 06, 2013

God doesn't love pretty people

I usually enjoy Sunday worship.  But as good as it was this past week, I have to admit, I let my mind wander.

Speaking in the broadest terms, I realized that I was surrounded, SURROUNDED, by folk with some pretty down-deep ugliness: pornographers, addicts, the self-righteous, adulterers, and men and women with anger management problems. 

Not to mention, Have a few hours, or a day?

I'm not pretty inside and out, either. And these aren't minor sins.  There's nothing "lovable" about my foibles. 

Or about yours. 

Remember that old bumper sticker : "I'm not perfect, just forgiven"? 
Though it's a cliché, there's a grain of authenticity.
Only if we admit to our true ugliness can we truly hang on to the love of a merciful God.

Only if we stop justifying our compromises, shady dealings, and inability to do what God wants of us can we seek forgiveness.

As I've noted before, part of what I like about our particular church is how imperfect it is.

We're not slick. We're not always synchronized. We don't have sermons that promise us better relationships in five weeks.

When it comes to politics, or even the finer points of Biblical interpretation, we don't always agree with each other.

But I'm not just talking about the flaws of the people in the congregation where my son and I worship.

I'm pondering the communion of the freakin' saints here on earth.

We are seriously screwed-up.

And it's when we try to pretend we aren't that we get into the biggest trouble. 

Jesus didn't die for a bunch of genteel sinners.  He died for us.

Today I heard about another church-themed scandal.  Frankly, it sounded heart-breaking.

And as much as I hated to see us exposed again, I wondered what it would be like if we could own up to our poor choices and hurtful, often brutal ways. 

I wonder what it would be like if we could apologize for taking people down with us.

I wonder what those who think Christians are hugely hypocritical and or/self-righteous would think if we could seek reconciliation with each other -- even after the dreadful deeds were done.

God doesn't love "pretty" people.

But I'm hoping, really hoping, that God loves ugly ol' me.

And you too, by the way. 

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