samedi, novembre 09, 2013

Almost 100 years after massacre in Armenia: is there a global war on Christians

The facts are indisputable.

Christians in many countries are suffering.  Many are dying.  If they can, many are leaving the lands of their births as these countries are torn by internal conflict or repression from external powers.

Beyond that, there's a lot up for grabs.

Are Christians in Muslim majority nations targeted because of a violent strain within Islam itself? Are Christians being imprisoned and killed simply because they are believers -- or because they are seen as part of the degenerate West?

Does the media and/or the government underestimate or underplay it when Christians are targeted because (implication is) they don't want to offend Muslim sensibilities?

This is a genuine hot potato in media circles, with respected journalists and analysts weighing in on both or many sides.

Read what they say -- and judge for yourself.

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Eclecticity a dit…

The article seems to say that yes, Christians are being persecuted, but not necessarily for their faith, not necessarily being singled out over against other faith traditions. Yet, I wonder about that? Christians and Jews who have lived in places like Iraq for centuries are definitely persecuted and their numbers are diminishing radically-seems they are being forced out by Muslims there.

Then, there was that recent demonstration in Iran with the theme, "Death to America," and a few days later Iranian diplomats negotiating with the U.S. and the West re nuclear energy and sanctions. Can the Iranians be trusted when they promote such hatred towards the West?