samedi, septembre 07, 2013

On Syria, the church speaks with (almost) one voice

Kudos to my editor for allowing me  40 column inches -- and I still feel like I couldn't give "just war" theory an adequate analysis.

The interviews were predictably calm and scholarly until I reached the last interview of that day, one with the Rev. Allan Wolfe in Lancaster. Delightfully outspoken, he was un-hesitant to criticize the President for "an inadequate foreign policy" and general disdain for church pronouncements on religious issues.

The Catholic Church in the U.S. has a history of tangling with our current President on issues of religious freedom. But here, they make common cause with Protestant progressives and libertarians, including secular libertarians.

Fr. Wolfe doesn't think the President, or even many Catholic politicians, are listening to the voice of the Church. He might be correct. 

But I think that, if Obama's initiative goes down to defeat (fueled in part by payback time mentality in some conservative political quarters, most likely), some will, at least, use their denomination's stance for cover.

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