samedi, janvier 05, 2013

On deciding...not to decide!

I grinned when I saw cats miming New Year's resolutions yesterday at the Daily Beast (though I did wonder if there were a bit of coercion going on).

I have noticed, in the past, a spike in romantic interest around New Years -- as though the date itself was a significant marker of progress in finding true love.  Or perhaps to take some steps towards gaining a hot bod,  a better position, or a less irritating Aunt Sally.

Good luck with that, by the way.

But for most of us, resolutions don't work.  For Christians, who believe that grace is crucial to growing in the spirit,  a "do it myself" mentality is particularly problematic.

What would St. Paul say?

It's time to become a little more modest.and perhaps a little more successful, in our aspirations.

In that vein, I offer my "unresolutions" for 2013:

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